Capitol Squash’s First College Acceptances!

Dear Supporters of Capitol Squash, 

Back in 2014, I went into classrooms at local elementary schools to recruit students for Capitol Squash. The first question I asked to get students excited was “Who wants to go to college?!” Since Capitol Squash’s founding, our goal has been to prepare students for four-year college and post-secondary opportunities. After years of hard work in the classrooms and on the courts, our first class of seniors submitted their college applications this fall. I could not be prouder to share that our four seniors who applied early decision received acceptance letters to their first-choice colleges and universities! 

Adriana: Vassar College
Ku: Mount Holyoke College
Julissa: Wesleyan University
Yaryliz: Clark University

Instead of trying to put into words how momentous this milestone is, I think back to all the building blocks that brought these girls to this place: first day of tryouts, home visits, matches, essay contests, squash camps, overnight tournaments, test prep, high school applications, tutoring sessions, financial aid applications, college interviews, part-time jobs, AP tests, bus rides, summer reading, and virtual learning. None of this came easily. This is the result of years and years of hard work being recognized, as well as the perseverance and resilience our students have demonstrated during the pandemic. We also look forward to sharing the successes of our other seniors who applied regular decision to college. We are so proud of our seniors and their achievements as they lead the way for our other students to follow. We could not do this without your support. If you are able, I hope you will consider donating to Capitol Squash before December 31st. We greatly appreciate the continued generosity of our community and the doors it opens for our students. 

Happy Holidays,

Meg Taylor
Executive Director  

P.S. If you haven’t seen it, please take a look at this year’s annual report!