For almost all of our students, their first introduction to squash is when they step on the courts at Trinity College. We use the sport of squash to teach important values including sportsmanship, teamwork, and discipline. Attending practice three days a week, students work with Capitol Squash staff, Trinity students, and volunteers to learn technique, footwork, and match play. As students progress, they have opportunities to complete in U.S Squash Junior tournaments and compete against other squash and education programs.


Capitol Squash places a strong emphasis on a healthy lifestyle. In addition to fitness incorporated into every practice, we also provide nutrition education as well as health and wellness workshops. We are proud to partner with Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s Pediatric Residency Program to support our students both on and off the court. Capitol Squash also focuses on the social-emotional well-being of our students through volunteers, mentoring, and discussion groups.